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Keep in touch

At your church, we care about your life beyond your wedding day and would like to keep in touch.

If you would like your church to stay in touch with you beyond the honeymoon, please let them know. They can pray for you and remember you at special times in your marriage.

One day you might want to renew your wedding vows, or have your children baptised. Your church would be delighted to be part of these happy occasions.

Whatever stage you’re at, whether things are going well or not, your church can offer support.

If you got married in a place far away from where you now live and you’d like your local church to get in touch for further marriage support, prayer or any other reason, please click here to send us an email which includes:

  • Your names
  • Your home address
  • Your telephone number
  • What would you like your local church to do for you? (Enter a brief message)

We can contact your local church and provide them with your details. We won’t use your details for any other reason.

Did You Know ?

Marriage is good for your sex life

You are welcome to marry in a CofE church whatever your beliefs

If you marry abroad, you can come home to a church ceremony

You don't have to marry in white

A wedding is legal only if it happens between 8am and 6pm