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Superintendent Registrar's Certificate

A Superintendent Registrar’s Certificate is another alternative to having Banns read, and involves the publication of a notice at the civil Register Office of the district where your marrying church is.

You are also required to be resident in that district for at least seven days before you can apply for the Certificate.

The Vicar of the church where you want to marry has the discretion whether or not to accept a Superintendent Registrar's Certificate. If you think that this route is necessary for you, you should speak to your vicar about it in the first instance.

NB If one or both of you are a nationals of a country outside the European Economic Area, from the 2nd March 2015 you will each need a Superintendent Registrar’s Certificate to be able to marry. The only exceptions to this are where:-

  • you have been granted, or have applied in writing, for a common licence by 1st March 2015, in which case you will be able to marry on the authority of a common licence, or
  • you have been granted a Special Licence by the Archbishop of Canterbury.

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