Your wedding and Covid-19

At the moment, weddings are only allowed to go ahead in exceptional circumstances, but keep in touch with your vicar, who can help you plan for your wedding on a future date.


Can my wedding go ahead?

Government restrictions say that weddings should only go ahead during this current national lockdown if there are exceptional circumstances, such as if one of those getting married is seriously ill and is not expected to recover. All other weddings should be postponed. This restriction is temporary though, so keep in touch with your vicar to talk about a new date if your wedding was due to happen soon. Meanwhile, the vicar will want to support you in whatever way they can as we wait to hear more about the easing of these restrictions. 

How does the lockdown affect the banns?

Under normal circumstances, banns usually happen before a wedding can take place, and your names would be read out in a church service on three separate Sundays before the wedding. Many churches have been open for normal worship and are currently permitted to remain open for these services. Where a church is open, banns can continue and they are valid for three months from the date of the final reading. If your church is closed or is only offering online services, then banns can’t lawfully happen there.

If the lockdown causes disruption to your banns or uncertainty around their validity, your vicar can suggest alternative legal preparations depending on your wedding date. It may mean waiting until nearer the time of your wedding to see how the situation has changed by then.

If I delay my wedding until later in the year or next year, will things be better?

The picture for how the coronavirus pandemic will unfold over the coming months is unknown, but everyone remains hopeful that things will be better in the future.

What if I do decide to cancel?

You may want to put your wedding completely on hold until things are much clearer. If you cancel a church wedding, the ceremony legal fees are fully refundable.

This prayer may be helpful as you re-think your wedding plans:

Loving God,
Surround us this day with your presence;

Be with us in our disappointments and in our joys,
Help us to be wise as we re-think our wedding plans.

Sustain us in our love for one another,

And hold all whom we love in your great love.

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