How do I find my parish church for reading banns?

How do I find my church for banns?Most weddings will require banns reading several weeks before the ceremony. They need to be read in the church where each of you lives and in the church where you will be married, if that is in a different place. This page helps you to locate your local church(es).

Visit and either enter the postcode of your address into he search box, or start typing your road name and district. Addresses that match what you are typing will start to appear in a drop-down menu. Select the correct address when it appears, and then click the arrow button to search.

Your search results will show a list of churches near to you and a map showing the parish where you live shaded in orange. At the top of the list, highlighted in an orange box, will be the church or churches in the parish which cover your postcode/address. This will most likely be the church where your banns will be read. Click on the church’s name to see more details about it, including the contact details.

Once you’re in touch with the church, tell them your good news, the date of your wedding and that you require local banns. They will take your details, confirm that you live in the parish and will then let you know what happens next.

If it is not clear which is your parish, for example if you live on the very edge of a parish boundary, or if you live in a newly-built housing area, contact us for help.



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