My partner believes in God but I’m not sure – can I have a church wedding?

My partner believes in God but I'm not sureYou are welcome to have a Church of England wedding, even if your spiritual views are different.

Spirituality comes from the deepest part of ourselves and can be hard to articulate. Some people have a vague sense that there is ‘something more’ than the physical universe, and others have stronger convictions, perhaps even a definite faith they can put a name to.

For others, their questions and doubts are too numerous for them to claim they have any belief at all in a spiritual dimension.

The vicar understands that spiritual beliefs are complex and varied. They welcome questions about faith if you have them. Whether faith is a journey that has not yet begun for you, or whether you’re just unsure, it need not be a barrier to a church wedding if you want one.

Regardless of what you believe, there are legal rights regarding Church of England weddings and it is the vicar’s privilege to welcome all who can legally marry in the parish.

However, the service will always be a Christian one, with words that speak of Christian beliefs. These words can not be changed and the vicar can not omit certain words if you don’t wish to say them.

To help you decide if the Church of England marriage service is for you, take a look at the words of the service together and see if they strike a chord, and if you will feel comfortable saying them on your wedding day. A sample of a typical wedding service can be viewed here.

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