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Congratulations on your forthcoming marriage. Your church wants to help and support you, whatever stage you’re at with your planning.

Just starting? Find out more about the law and church weddings and if there's more to consider for your special day.

If you're looking for a church, there are now more churches to choose from for your special day and for generations to come.

Once you've found your special church, there are just seven simple steps to make the arrangements.

And, if you're marrying in a church that's not where you live, your local church would still love to support you as you prepare for the wedding, and afterwards too - Find out how.

There are some things about marrying in church that are unique and special. It's your wedding. Let us help you make it personal, meaningful, spiritual, beautiful.

Did You Know ?

Two-thirds of the CofE’s churches are listed buildings

You don't have to be christened to get married in church

The Church offers family-friendly weddings for couples with children. Read more

Marriage keeps you healthy, wealthy and wise

You don't have to promise to 'obey' in the vows of modern marriage services