Getting Married in Church - A Church of England Wedding - faith, hope and love.

Getting Married in Church

Come To A Wedding

Tune: Bunessan (the same tune as Morning Has Broken)

Come to a wedding,
Come to a blessing,
Come on a day when happiness sings!
Come rain or sun,
Come winter or summer,
Celebrate love and all that it brings.

Thanks for the love,
That holds us together,
Parent and child, and lover and friend;
Thanks to the God,
Whose love is our centre,
Source of compassion, knowing no end.

Love is the gift,
And love is the giver,
Love is the gold that
Makes the day shine;
Love forgets self to care for the other,
Love changes life from water to wine.

Come to this wedding,
Asking a blessing,
For all the years that living will prove;
Health of the body,
Health of the spirit,
Now to you both we offer our love.

Words: Shirley Erena Murray
© 1992 Hope Publishing Company.

Copyright administered by Hope Publishing Company:
380 S Main Place, Carol Stream IL 60188 U.S.A.

Reproduction of this text is illegal without the permission of the copyright holder.

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