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Our budget wedding was perfect for us

Mary and Derek

Friends did the flowers and photographs for Mary and Derek White’s wedding. Another family friend drove Mary to the church and they hired the village hall for £100 for the reception. She even borrowed her veil and shoes from friends.

Mary describes their support as an ‘expression of love for the family.’ The only things Mary bought for her wedding were her dress (in a sale) and her bouquets. 
‘The whole wedding cost less than £4,000; we were lucky to have a talented group of people who really wanted to help,’ said Mary. 

Mary’s parents are members of the church community at All Saints, Brailsford in Derbyshire and their friends just pitched in. 

Although they both live in London, the couple wanted to be married from Mary’s parents’ home. (Read more about how you can do this

Mary’s parents’ brilliant organisation made it all happen smoothly. ‘The service was the most important thing in our wedding,’ said Mary.  ‘Derek and I are committed to God and each other and being married in church was very important to us both.

‘Our day was all about celebrating the start of a life-long commitment with the people we love rather than having a 'perfect' day.’ Mary remarked. 

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